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Dior escorts - a story from them

We have hard some very strange requests made of us here at Dior Escorts, more than what you can ever imagine! There isn’t much that shocks us, one guy seven girls – no problem, fancy some strap on fun? That’s not out of the normal. Fishnets, stockings, high heels – the man wants to wear them? That’s not a problem, you want your wife to watch? Who doesn’t! These thing are nothing, they are just a regular occurrence and we are more than happy to oblige to host of clients, you see we cater for everyone from all walks of life but…………. There is always a but!


There are just some things that we find out and out strange and we will just not put any one forward to do them.


First. Filming, that’s just not going to happen, I do not know one escort and believe me I know far more than the average man who would never do this. Of course you can always ask but its just not going to happen.


Second. Hard sports, I don’t even want to get into this, I have no mind as to arrange anything like this at all, there is no point saying how much money you are going to throw at it, its never going to happen with one of our girls. The strangest request we got for this was a guy, who wanted the escort to meet him at his hotel, eat some spicy food with him and then go out in the street and poo her self!!! Yes you read that right, he wanted the escort to poo herself in the street, my friend you are so wrong!!!!


Third. Abusive clients, get a clue gents! Escorts are ladies are must be treated as such, you can not and will not be allowed to threaten or intimidate any lady which we represent, as soon as this happens the police will be called. We had one guy who wanted to lock a girl in his bathroom because he was not happy that she had red heels with her, he only wanted black, he thought by saying this one of her friends would arrive with a different colour of shoes.


Fourth. I am going to end it after this one as this beats everything we have ever heard. A gentleman called up asking us to arrange a threesome for him and a mature lady friend of his. As the conversation progressed it transpired that the mature lady friend was his MUM. Sorry sir this call is ended!


Dior Escorts is a professional escort agency; we offer a service to both our clients and our escorts for safe and secure fun. We ensure that anonymity is kept and that everything happens in a safe discreet way.